Visit Rosendal has gathered some information about what you as a tourist can experience here in Rosendal and the surrounding area. Here we have something for all ages and interests. The mountains surround our small village, and give you many hiking opportunities. If you want to go on a summit hike, Melderskin is waiting for you. If it is a family trip, we recommend a trip to Myrdalsvannet or Skjethaug. Whichever trip you choose to go on, the destination will give you a fantastic view as a reward. There is also a lot of history here. Take a trip to the Barony, Steinparken or Folgefonnsenteret and see what they can tell you. Or have you heard about the Dinosaur house in Steinparken? With a short way to both fjords, waterfalls, mountains and fountains, Rosendal is a unique starting point for your holiday in Western Norway.

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