Great nature experiences are not necessarily about climbing the highest peaks. Rosendal has a lot more to offer.  The beautiful Myrdal is a small paradise, and is a short walking distance from Rosendal center. After about four kilometers you will pass Midtseter, where it was a “Stølsdrift” until 1968. Many of the farms in Norway are particularly rich in outfield pastures. In the summer the milkmaids would take care of the animals away from the farm, and make sure cheese and butter were produced. This was called a “Stølsdrift” or “Setring”.

Myrdalsvannet has a lot of fish. Maybe you should take the time to row across the water, and experience the great wilderness atmosphere? Or what about the beautiful beach? It is also possible to take this trip on a bike. For information about rental of bikes and rowing boats, contact the tourist office located on the dock in Rosendal. Or you can click the button “Book now” below.

We also recommend taking a trip to Bondhus and Blådalen.

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